Q: How do I get more shards?

A: Harvest ore deposits for a chance to get uncured shards. Then, go back to Sanctum Mesa, where you can cure shards at the Forge. Finally, withdraw the shards from your locker to your inventory.

Q: How do I get components?

A: Use deconstruct at the Forge. If you want a weapon component, deconstruct a weapon. If you want an armor component, deconstruct an armor. The lowest level of each type can be constructed without needing a component.

Q: My starting shards aren't working on T1+ Illuvials!

A: You can't use a T0 shard on T1+ Illuvials.

Q: I finished a travel cycle and my stuff is gone! Where's all my stuff?

A: Everything you gather or capture in a travel cycle gets transferred to the locker storage automatically.

Q: I cured shards at the Forge, but they aren't in my inventory, where did they go?

A: Crafted items gets transferred to the locker storage automatically, you need to move them to your inventory to be able to use them in travel cycles.

Q: How do I remove an Illuvial from my deck?

A: Go to your locker storage and open it (press "E"), open inventory (press "I") and click on the Illuvial to transfer it into storage.

Q: Illuvial Orbs (Wake) keep disappearing! Why is this?

A: Wake can disappear for 2 reasons. If you get too close to a Wake, it will despawn. If you miss your shot at a Wake, it will despawn. Be careful with your aim, you can jump and aim to make time move slower.

Q: I ran out of Fuel, how do I get more?

A: During the Overworld Beta, Fuel resets at 00:00 UTC daily. You have to wait to get more, so use it carefully!

Q: How do I travel to Crimson Waste?

A: Go to the Obelisk in Sanctum Mesa and press "E". You can choose a location to travel to from there.