You take the role of a survivor of a transport vessel in an intergalactic space fleet, investigating a perplexing distress beacon. When you finally reach the origin of the call, you discover a ruined planet, possibly the mythical cradle of your race’s civilization. A vast crystal ocean engulfs all but a tiny fraction of the planet. Extreme weather events assault the surface, giving way to strikingly varied climates. A burst of radiation disables the ship’s engines and you slam into the planet’s surface. Crawling free from the wreckage, you discover majestic beasts, some with near godlike power. Could this be what caused the downfall of this planet? Luckily, your race has begun to master the same energy that the Illuvials harness, and you are able to capture and control the deity-like fauna into slivers of crystal called Shards, mined from the planet’s surface. To uncover the mysteries of the planet, you become a Hunter, traveling across the land subduing and capturing Illuvials, and trying to unlock the Obelisks that keep most of the world closed off.

作为星际太空舰队中一艘运输船的幸存者,您正在调查一个令人困惑的求救信号。当到信号来源地点时,您发现了一个被毁坏的星球,这可能是神话中您种族文明的发源地。一片浩瀚而清澈的海洋几乎吞没了整个星球,只露出了一小部分。极端的天气袭击星球表面,使得气候惊奇多变。飞船引擎因辐射失效,猛地撞上了星球表面。从残骸中爬出来后,您发现了威猛的野兽,它们甚至拥有近乎神一样的力量。这是导致该星球衰落的原因吗?幸运的是,您的种族开始掌握与 Illuvials 伊鲁维奥生物相同的能量,您能捕捉和控制这些神一样的野兽,收藏到星球表面开采出来的水晶碎片里面。为了揭开这个星球的神秘面纱,您成为了一名猎人,穿越陆地,征服并捕获这些 Illuvials 伊鲁维奥生物,尝试解锁将这世界大部分地区封印的方尖碑。

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