Simple Summary 简单摘要

Illuvium: Zero will soon be ready. Leading up to this, we must get approval on the details of the Land Sale. Following this IIP will be the release of two additional guide documents. One describes Illuvium: Zero and the other explains how to purchase land. While not explicitly required for this IIP, they will give much needed context in an easily digestible way.

Illuvium: Zero(伊鲁维奥:零)很快就会就绪。在这之前,我们必须获得关于土地出售细节的批准。在此IIP之后将发布另外两份说明。一份详细的Illuvium: Zero指南,一份如何购买土地的说明。虽然这些不是本 IIP 所特别需要的,但它们将以一种较为容易理解的方式提供重要的信息。

Abstract 摘要

A 3D isometric city building game is being developed using Unity and is getting closer to its Alpha release. Illuvium: Zero requires a land sale, which will mint the land players will use to play Illuvium: Zero. Illuvium will host the Land Sale in the IlluviDEX and mint the NFTs on IMX. It represents our largest web app to date.

一款叫做Illuvium: Zero的3D等距城市建设游戏正在使用Unity引擎进行开发,并且越来越接近其Alpha版本的发布,这是我们迄今为止最重要的网络应用。因此,我们需要进行土地出售,这将为玩家在Illuvium: Zero游戏中提供土地资源。Illuvium将在IlluviDEX(伊鲁交易所)中主持土地销售,并在IMX链(Immutable X是ETH二层协议)上铸造一些NFT。

Overview 概况

Land Sale Timings 土地出售时间:

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Practically, approximately 278 new plots will go on sale every hour. At this point, they will start reducing in price until someone purchases them.There is nothing needed to do for purchase besides selecting the plot and paying the price on display. If you wish to buy for a lower price, wait for it to drop, but remember that another person can purchase the same plot as you. Since tranches are released every hour, there may be some overlap. One tranche will be 1 hour old (approximately 30% of the starting price), and the other will be brand new. Each batch will have roughly the same ratio of Tiers as the overall land numbers.

实际上,每小时将有大约278块新地块出售,并从起售的时间算起开始降价,直到有人购买。 除了选择地块并支付其标注的价格以外,无需额外的操作。如果你想以更低的价格购买,请等待其价格下降,但同时需要注意的是您可能会被其他人抢先一步购买此地块。由于每隔一小时土地就会发布一批,在时间上可能会有一些重叠。一批将是1小时前上架的(大概会降到起始价格的30%左右),而另一批将是全新的。每批土地的等级比例与总土地数量大致相同。

Land NFT Numbers 土地NFT数量:

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Illuvium will reserve 25 (Tier 1) plots for giveaways during the landsale event and 4 plots (1 of each Tier, excluding Tier 5) for live testing purposes and quality assurance.